Get a better understanding of how a Facebook business page functions

Part of getting better visibility for your business in Riverside CA. is the proper utilization of available tools in the social media marketing industry. One of the more confusing is understanding how a Facebook business page functions. Made up of a complicated set of algorithms, this type of marketing must be utilized within the guidelines … Read more

Marketing research on Signs

How customers view your business in Riverside, CA. is not just by a nice logo or a catchy marketing phrase… but rather a complete experience that effects whether customers will remember and choose to do business with you. This full experience should motivate everything you do; from signage to get them in the door to … Read more

Do-it-yourself Vehicle Wrap

So… you were thumbing through Amazon the other day and found that several online companies offer vinyl vehicle wrap materials; so you begin to think: “I can just wrap the car myself… Why should I spend money to have a professional vinyl wrap installer put on a vehicle wrap!?!” Before you pull out your credit … Read more

The Facts about Frequency

Consider your own buying habits; have you ever immediately bought a product after learning about it? If you are like most people in Riverside, CA., probably not. Marketing and psychology research abounds with data that suggest that many products or services require a certain frequency of exposure to build trust in the product. This article … Read more

Sometimes… Letter is better.

When making a decision on whether to have your vehicle professionally wrapped by Precision Sign and Graphics serving Riverside, CA., or just lettered with the name of your company, there are a few things to consider. In previous articles, we have covered many of the advantages of vehicle wraps; this article will reflect more on … Read more

OOPS! 5 Signs Business Owners Forget To Print… But Need To Have

When business owners in the Riverside, CA. area are putting together their store, showroom or general business location there are standard things that are a must for the business to operate smoothly. You are going to need desks, chairs, phones, pens… When you’re thinking about signage, there are several different ways to get your message … Read more

The Psychology of Colors

Advertising over the last 100 years has developed literally into an art form. An art form that takes into account effective slogans, persuasive statements and color manipulation. You only need to look to some of the larger companies seen in the Riverside, CA. area to see this art form and practice. One area that is … Read more

Should I invest in the Yellow Pages?

There was a time when we used devices called telephones, sent documents with something called a fax, listened to music on things called cassettes and looked up businesses in something called a phone book. Big hair and big ads was the name of the game and anybody who was anybody was listed in the Yellow … Read more

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