RIVERSIDE, CA- How Can a Sign Shop Help You Get Customers for Your Business?

Businesses these days all have one thing in common, whether you run a small family owned bakery on the corner or a large upscale boutique, you all NEED advertising! And, not just any run of the mill advertising, your business needs the RIGHT advertising. Brand recognition is one thing that will definitely set you apart from your direct competition. You may not see the importance of it, but when you see a distinctive yet simply designed swoosh, you only think on ONE shoe company, don’t you?

Why Brand?

Branding your company is incredibly important. But, even if you have the best logo money can buy, it won’t matter unless that logo and branding message is broadcasted to your target audience. If you hire professional sign makers in Riverside, CA we will make sure to get that message out to your potential customer. We will employ all of our sign making “tricks” to make sure you get noticed, to make sure that your company stands above the crowd, making it easy for your customers to make the right choice.

 What Kind of Signs?

Signs, signs, signs… Everywhere there are signs.  You may be overwhelmed by the choices, but here at Precision Sign and Graphics in Riverside CA you can rest assured that we will help you decide what type of sign is the best for your particular need.  Below is a consolidated list of the types of signs our sign shop offers but if there is something we haven’t covered, please feel free to contact us or request a free quote for your particular project.  Remember a business with no signs is a sign of no business!Custom Designed Signicade

  • Building and Storefront Signs

The most obvious of signs, lets everyone know exactly who you are, and of course where you are.  Our sign shop in Riverside, CA can create a special and professional storefront sign for your bowling alley, boutique, or any other type of business.

  • Real Estate or Construction Signs

Sign makers in Riverside, CA can create OSHA Regulated signs as well as general caution or warning signs that you can use at a construction site.  These signs can also be additional advertising for you, letting others know who is constructing the new addition to the Browne’s Villa.

  • Custom Banners

Probably one of the easiest and quickest (not to mention budget friendly) signs available.  You can have a fabric, mesh or vinyl banner created by our team here at Precision Sign and Graphics.  You can have a banner created to announce a business that is opening soon, or perhaps you just opened and want to announce a Grand Opening Special.  Professional sign makers can make banners in custom sizes, starting from 2 foot by 7 foot.  

  • Digital Graphics

We have a talented design team and we can create that outstanding logo.  Your digital art is a key element to the recipe for success, as it can be used across the board in branding, from custom decals to store front window vinyl.  

  • Signicade or A Frame Signs

Often known as sidewalk signs, these signs are made from a weather resistant material called Coroplast with custom designed messages printed in durable vinyl material.  You can easily change your message just as often as you change your shoes! Imagine a sign ready for every season, for every sale and for every special.

  • Vehicle Wraps

You can choose a full wrap, a half wrap, or even a partial wrap for your car, truck or van! Put your vehicle to work for you, as you cruise around town.  Read our recent blog post, which is full of information about all the different vehicle wrap options.

Keep all these tips in mind as you make the important decision to brand and identify your business.  If you have any additional questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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JURUPA VALLEY, CA – Design, Production, and Installation of Signs for Jurupa Valley Pro Rodeo

temporary signs made at Precision Sign and Graphics, Jurupa Valley CAAny event in a community can be elevated in its exposure with a custom sign package. Our team at Precision Sign and Graphics was thrilled to have the opportunity to work on one recently for the Rodeo that we are a sponsoring. When Jurupa Valley Pro Rodeo came to us with a marketing sign need, we got right to the job at hand!

A Glimpse at the Results

The completed signs were the perfect match for the advertising goals of the client, and gave insight into the highly anticipated event. You can see the dedication and quality that went into the design, production, and installation of this temporary sign package!

Completing the Package

The city of Jurupa Valley was incredibly invested in this project, as it was the first time in 8 years that the event would take place. The event coordinators had yet to procure marketing tools for promoting the rodeo. We were able to design, fabricate, and install over 50 signs to help with advertising, ticket sales, ADA, health and safety, and directional needs. We were able to use low cost materials, as these signs were temporary and did not need longevity. Four foot by eight foot signs were installed at the major entrances to the city, as well as many eighteen inch by twenty-four inch signs. We utilized the 3MIJ35 and the HP 360 Latex Printer for the construction of these products, and were pleased with the final results.  In addition to the temporary yard signs, we also produced vinyl banners and flags that were placed around the arena. Our signs displayed the different sponsors of the rodeo, including our own team!The final look was a successful blend of marketing and image, and were just what our client needed. The rodeo went off without a hitch, and the community cannot wait for this PRCA sanctioned event to come back next year!

High quality banner material used in Riverside CA

More than Just Promoting

When you think of signs, you usually think of marketing. The sign and graphic industry is more than just the advertising options you expect, though. There are options that are available for safety, navigation, informative displays, broadcasting regulations and rules, as well as decorative needs. Our team can take your budget, goals, location, and ideas, and conceptualize a plan to achieve signage success! Just ask to speak with our experts today!

 Are you interested in learning more about temporary signs? Would you like to learn the specific advantages that these signs can bring your business, office, or home? Contact us today, and let us get you started!

Written by: Precision Signs and Graphics – Jurupa Valley, California

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RIVERSIDE CA- What are the best uses for vinyl and fabric banners in Riverside CA?

Vinyl Banners- Riverisde CA

Using a banner as a marketing and branding tool is essential in today’s tough competitive market. A banner can be used indoors or outside and it succeeds in catching the eye of any passersbys.  If you decide on an outdoor placement for your banner, you can advertise limited time offers, special sales or any other offer that would be too good to pass up! On the When placed inside, your banner can be directional, for advertising, or even setting a mood! What do you need to know about using fabric and vinyl banners in Riverside CA?

Fabric Banners: Indoor Displays with Style

 Have you ever felt a fabric banner? Although fabric banners are generally made from polyester, they are soft to the touch. This type of banner is suitable for interior displays.  With this type of banner, you can choose two types of finishes, either a satin or matte.  When deciding what finish for your product, think about where you will be placing the product.  Matte finishes are recommended for areas where there is a lot of ambient or artificial light.  A satin finish is better suited for an area with no direct light exposure. This fabric is wrinkle resistant which makes using them again and again easy and cost efficient way to always have portable signage .

Vinyl Banners: The Banner for the People

That is a pretty broad statement, but when you think about it, it would be fair to say that there could be a vinyl banner made for every occasion! From an inexpensive banner, suited for temporary displays to a heavy duty vinyl banner made to last years, or even a mesh vinyl banner, which is awesome for outdoor usage where you might be battling elements of the weather.

Think about all the places you have seen signage in the form of banners around your town.  Here in Riverside, CA outdoor vinyl banners are used for everything! Temporary signage can be used to announce upcoming city or town events, a 5k run that the Lions Club is sponsoring, or even youth baseball tryouts.  Banners with more longevity can be used to announce a Grand Opening special, a seasonal special, or used yearly for an event that always happens, like your city’s Easter Egg Hunt. 

How do you order your own Vinyl or Fabric Banner in Riverside CA?

Vinyl Banner Material Riverside Jurupa Valley Fontana CAWhen you are ready to add banners to your current marketing campaign, please feel free to call our shop and speak with a seasoned graphic designer, or our dedicated sales team in Riverside CA.  We always offer free consultations and take the time to listen and advise you concerning your needs, material selection, banner placement and finishes.  If you have artwork that is print ready, we can always go straight into production of your fabric, vinyl or mesh banner.  Contact us today to get started on your banner design.

Written by Precision Sign and Graphics- Riverside CA



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RIVERSIDE CA- There’s a difference, explaining full versus partial wraps

There’s a difference: Explaining a full wrap versus a partial wrap- Car Wraps done in Riverside CA

Partial wrap - Riverside caWhat are you waiting for? Your direct competitors have probably already joined the mobile marketing, 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hour a day revolution! Why let them take your piece of the pie? Vehicle wraps transform your car, truck or van to a real advertising machine! What do you need to know about full and partial wraps in Riverside CA? Read on to find out…

Parts of a Vehicle Wrap

A wrap is just that, a cover, a second skin for your car.  It can cover the entire paint job with digitally printed media.  It’s your choice, how the wrap looks. What message do you want to send?  Will your wrap be advertising what services you offer? Will your wrap be more about branding or logo recognition?  You decide what this wrap says about your business.  In addition to custom designed wraps we also offer custom color changes with beautiful, vibrant colors provided by vendors like Avery or 3M. With a custom color change, you have options such as a chrome series red to a matte metallic green.  We work step by step with you to find the custom solution for your vehicle and design.

Partial vs. Full Wrap

A full custom designed wrap is a wrap that covers the entire surface of your car! The hood, the sides, the bumper… With a full wrap, you can even wrap the windows using a special perforated material. Every square inch of your car, truck or van becomes a car with one message, YOURS!

A partial wrap is a wrap that only covers parts of your car, maybe just the hood or the doors. Sometimes this is a better fit for your budget, but still gives your car the mobile advertising distinction you are looking for.  Your car, truck or van will definitely stand out in a parking lot. 

There are a few options in partial wraps:

  • Quarter wrap. A quarter wrap typically covers just the sides of your but very little else. A lot of clients choose this option and add a perforated rear window wrap to complete the look. 
  • Half wrap.   Probably one of the most popular partial wraps is a half wrap.  This wrap covers the sides of the car, from the front doors back, including the trunk or tail gate. 

Do Wraps Really Work?

In a word, YES. It’s more than just our opinion.  Recently a study was done by 3M, a company that manufactures vinyl material, to evaluate the effectiveness of an advertising campaign using a wrap. It’s virtually the least expensive way to advertise for the impact you get! You get so much bang for your buck! Honestly, can you afford to let all this go by the wayside? Contact us today to learn more about full vehicle wraps and partial vehicle wraps in Riverside CA, to get started on your design.  Call us for a free consultation, or come by and see us anytime. 

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