RIVERSIDE CA – Professional Vehicle Wrap Installation for Shop Owner

Product: Custom Vehicle Wrap
Location: Jurupa Valley, California
Client: Shop Owner

The goal of any business is to be remembered within your community. When the need arises for the service and goods that your company provides, it is important to be the business and brand that are thought of first! This is achieved by reinforcing your image and logo within the area, and no other product can produce that result better than vehicle wraps and graphics. When our shop owner was looking for a custom wrap job for his 2012 Chevy Camaro in Jurupa Valley, CA, our team was happy to take on the task!

The finished product was a complete success, transforming a common car into a powerful visual statement. You can see the finished results for yourself in the image above. The vehicle offers appealing imagery, and a unique design!

We wanted the vehicle to possess a fresh look that would demand attention. Utilizing a satin finish vinyl, Avery Supreme Wrap Film in satin black, we were able to replicate a matte appearance that will remain in prime condition longer than a coat of paint. In order to achieve the unique striping, we used knifeless Finish Line Cut Tape, and followed the lines of the vehicle’s body. We paired this detail with the lack of wrap on the mirrors, door handles, and rear fin, to give it a customized look that we were very pleased with!

Mobile marketing is the best way to reach new audiences at a high frequency. Stationary signs will only draw the attention of the areas they are installed, whereas vehicle wraps can bring the marketing to the customer directly! We have found that these products are the most beneficial with businesses that offer in-home services, deliveries, or high volume of drive time.

Do you have a fleet of vans or trucks that provide your deliveries or services to your customer’s homes? These vehicles can become your greatest advertising asset with the right design and imagery. Reach a new targeted audience with every drive, and leave a lasting impression in the minds of the neighbors and family that you already service. In a world of stationary advertisements, take an initiative with your company’s brand by investing in mobile marketing tools! These products have the power to put your company’s identity in the eyes of new prospective customers with every drive that your vehicle makes. Some of the most effective results found with vehicle graphics and wraps are those that occur with fleet vehicles. Don’t take our word for it, come see for yourself today!

Our team is dedicated to providing custom solution at affordable prices. By offering complete consultations, we will design, fabricate, and install sign or graphic packages that meet the needs of your business or organization completely. We look forward to providing you the items you need to get one step closer to achieving your marketing goals!

Written by: Precision Sign and Graphics – Jurupa Valley, California

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RIVERSIDE CA – Custom Decals for WORX Racing Components

WORX Racing Components in Riverside, California approached our team looking for assistance with a custom decal package to help promote their brand. These decals would need to reflect their image and logo, and we were thrilled for the chance to tackle this challenge!

A Photo Shares All

In the image above, you can see the completed graphic design that was used for the decal project for our client. This design represented the imagery that our client was trying to portray. The design needed to relay the messaging of their brand, while utilizing an appealing image that would grab attention.

The Client’s Business

WORX Racing Components is an international distributor for watercraft parts and accessories. They have two locations. One is in Riverside, California in the United States of America. The other is in the Gold Coast of Australia. With such a huge following, they are known for their quality and service. Reach out to them on Facebook and Instagram for more information!

The Decal Project

The decals that we printed met the needs of the client for many facets of their business. The first was the labeling of their products. Those who purchase their accessories and parts can immediately know whose product they purchased. The second purpose was promotional giveaways to thank customers with each order. Lastly, the decals would give brand reinforcement for the public and other businesses. During the fabrication process, we used 3M IJ35C gloss vinyl with laminate overlay to provide shine and durability. We wanted the backs of our products to have an adhesive or sticker quality, and we used the kiss cut with the Graphtec Plotter to achieve this!

Why Our Company Excels

When you are shopping around for the right product package to match your business’s needs, you should consider the benefits our experts have to offer. We provide a higher standard of service to ensure that the final results are always on par with your goals. We take into account your time constraints, budget, location, and brand to create one of a kind sign solutions. Our packages are made with the finest components and we utilize the latest in printing methods. Your final investment with us will not only meet your needs, but it will also provide longevity and results!

Are you interested in learning more about the different product packages that we can produce for your company specifically? Could you use the lasting effects of a custom marketing package? Reach out to our team to create a personalized marketing tool package that brings in your desired results!

Written by: Precision Signs and Graphics – Riverside, Calfornia

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