ALERT: Vehicle Wrap Advertising Scams

With vehicle wraps being such a popular, affordable and eye catching method for advertising in the Riverside CA area; many large companies have paid to have people wrap their vehicles for targeted advertising. You’ve seen them and wondered; would Red Bull, Coke-Cola and Nike really pay to wrap a 2005 Honda? Yes, they sure did!

But this is where the problem lies. Because of the popularity of these programs, dozens of Riverside CA residents (and hundreds all over the country) have been taken for thousands in an ongoing vehicle wrap scam!

Because Precision Sign and Graphics is the leading vehicle wrap specialist in the Riverside CA area, we want to give you some tips on how this scam works and how to avoid it.

Wanna Make Extra Money?

The phone rings and the operator will say “Our world-class partners such us Coca-Cola, Monster Energy, iPhone 6 and XS Energy will generously pay prospective clients just like you in the Riverside CA area to place their vehicle wrap on your car.” This is where the scam comes into play, it makes sense because you’ve these vehicle wrapped cars driving around so… why not me?

The vehicle wrap offer sounds legit, they’ve said everything right. They even said you can peel the vehicle wrap off after a set term plus give you incentives for getting your friends in Riverside CA to have their vehicle wrapped too!

But beware, these people also post the same vehicle wrap offer on the Riverside CA Craigslist and social media to cast a wide net knowing not everyone will fall for it; but if they can get 1 out of 10… they’ve made money!

How Did I Get Targeted?

It wasn’t a random call. They usually target those who place online applications for job searches, submit resumes’ to online job postings, fill out forms for extra income ideas or fill out surveys where you were coupon shopping.

These People are Pro’s

If you feel you can out smart them… don’t bother; these people are pro’s. This is just one of dozens of schemes they have perfected over the years in the Riverside CA area; and they know how to fool you. They people have websites, professional graphics, social media… they even have fake reviews from Riverside CA praising their services. So how do you protect yourself against pro’s like this? Ask Momma!

Momma always said: “If it seems too good to be true…”

Know that major companies like Red Bull, Coca-Cola, Monster Energy, etc. don’t just use anyone off the Riverside CA street to get a vehicle wrap to brand their image. The have an interview process and vehicle wrap standards that you must keep to maintain the contract. If you get targeted by one of these vehicle wrap scams; don’t bother entertaining them or trying to play Columbo hoping to catch them… hang up!

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How Does the Vehicle Wrap Scam Work?

If you listen carefully you will hear the Red Flag words that so many scams like this use.

Red Flag words because these are usually people from overseas who are “attempting” to sound American. The Red Flag words are: Specialist, via money gram, wire transfer and the big one… kindly.

Everything they text or say will have an acknowledgement statement behind it. This is a designed strategy. They are looking for signs that you are not buying the vehicle wrap scam. So every statement will end with: Ok? Do you understand? When should I call you again?

Here are a couple of examples of the Scam

Example 1: “Kindly provide bank info. We deposit enough funds for your term, the amount needed to get the vehicle wrap and pay licensing fees. You then need to send money via money gram for licensing fees to the address provided. You keep the rest. OK?”

Example 2: “We send you a certified check from our marketing agency, enough to cover you term payment, vehicle wrap charge and licensing fees. Kindly wire transfer licensing fees to the address provided. You keep the rest. When can you do this?”

After you have wired the funds to pay for the licensing fees and/or the vehicle wrap to “their” vehicle wrap provider the funds are reversed from your bank account leaving you overdrawn!

(Note: everything will be “time sensitive”, they will be bossy, demanding and even threatening! If you receive the check and don’t deposit it they will hound you day and night, hack your computers, threaten your family… it can get really scary, really FAST!)

Who Falls for This Vehicle Wrap Scam?

You might read this and ask, who falls for this vehicle wrap scam? A lot of people in Riverside CA. and abroad do everyday. If this vehicle wrap scam didn’t pay, they wouldn’t do it. Like I said, these people are Pro’s. They know just what to say to convince you, and before you know it, you’ve been scammed.

When Local Experience Counts

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One Stop Shopping Saves Time and Money

A common oversight that we often see at Precision Sign and Graphics is when customers “price shop” different sign and marketing products that they need. While it might make sense to get different marketing products from different vendors, this might actually end up COSTING money; and time. In the area of branding, consistency is king for your Riverside CA area business. Making sure that all of your product use consistent fonts, colors and styling may be that little detail that can cost you big.

To help keep this one stop shopping mindset for your Riverside CA area business, let’s look at a few things to consider.

Time is Money

As mentioned earlier, it might make sense to get different companies to price shop your Riverside CA area business. Some might choose to have different online companies for banners, for business cards, for yard signs, for vehicle wraps, for outdoor signs, for lobby signs, for stickers and labels, for ADA signage, for directional signage… (the list can go on and on.)

Taking the time to track down vendors, background info, testimonials, samples can take a lot of time. Then you will need to provide your logo font and color swatches to make sure each company prints at the correct pigment for you brand consistency.

Precision Sign and Graphics in Riverside, CA is your local source for Banners, Signs, Vehicle Wraps and more.. Call us today! (951) 332-2700

All Machines are Not the Same

Printers have fingerprints, while computers do their best to interpret the info sent to them; every printer prints colors a little differently. With that there are also different machines used for different products like:

  • A flatbed printer: Used for ridged or stiff materials like plastic, metal, wood, glass, ect.
  • Large format outdoor printer: Used for banners, vehicle wraps, fabric, canvas & paper.
  • Large format indoor printer: Used for some types of fabric, but mostly paper.
  • Dye Sublimation Printer: Prints for use in dye-sublimation onto materials such as a plastic, card, paper, or fabric.

With the color settings on these different machines you also need to take into account the different types of material being used (different color materials require different processes to get the desired color) Different brands and textures use different shades of white as well as different clears and glosses that will change the hue of a color. Working with overlaminates such as gloss or matte can change the hue of the color as well. This makes calibration key as well as printing a final test print to confirm colors are satisfactory.

Professional note: Where you look at the color will change the perception.

If you are printing an outdoor project for your Riverside CA area business, the proof should always be viewed outdoors. If an indoor project, indoors. It’s always best to take that print sample to where it’s actually going and experience it in the lighting that its final position will be in. Sunlight, halogen, ambient and incandescent lighting will also change the perception and hue of the color.

That is why a professional sign shop in the Riverside CA area calibrates their machine with samples prior to the printing of branded logos and graphics.

Outsourcing and Consistency

If your professional Riverside CA area print shop needs to contract out for branded marketing materials that are not made “in-house”, they should still be able to work with the vendor to help ensure that the right colors and branded sizing are used for consistency.

Often times when moving your suppliers around a third party vendor will pull from web logos or other customer supplied info to just “get the project done”.

This will almost guarantee different fonts, resolutions and colors for your products. What you grab from the web doesn’t print the same as viewed because printers use different color set variables (see our articles RGB and CMYK).

Naturally Precision Sign and Graphics offers all these services and more, all under one roof right here in the Riverside CA area! What we don’t do in house we work WITH the vendor for you to make sure all the colors and fonts are consistent for your brand!

Trust the Industry Leader.

Precision Sign and Graphics serving Riverside, CA, has made the investment to have available the equipment and skill to provide our customers with the best quality of materials and craftsmanship. Starting with our graphic design department; we will work with you to provide you with a graphics impression of what your project will look like. Then, utilizing the best quality materials for the application, we will go to work transforming your company, corporate or fleet vehicle into that attention grabbing, billboard on wheels you are looking for.

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