Does your Riverside, CA area customer know why you in business?

With the current climate of opportunity in the Riverside, CA area for business startup and new entrepreneurial ventures available for small businesses; competition is greater than ever before. With this surge in small businesses, especially those of a service nature, being able to present your message to your customers about why you are in business may be the greatest characteristic that sets you apart from your competitors.

All carpet cleaners are the same, right?

Using carpet cleaners as an example, the startup costs to get into a carpet cleaning business is smaller than other comparable service related companies. This is why there are so many carpet cleaning businesses for the Riverside, CA area, as well as, other areas around the country as well. This drives home the point that if you’re going to be in business: “Why should your customer choose you?”

Riverside, CA area customers are knowledgeable and thrifty. They will compare prices and online reviews, they will look at websites and social media to help them make a decision on which carpet cleaning service to use. It is important as part of your marketing decisions that you expressed to your customers why you feel that your service or pricing is better than your competitors if you hope to obtain and maintain new customers.

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Tell me a Little Story

Small business counselor, Rick Brewer, lets small business owners know that they should express why they got into business. “Don’t tell me how you are as good as the other guy, tell me why you are better!”

Riverside, CA area customers like a back story: family owned and operated, I saw how the industry treated customers and wanted to do better, I was tired that the industry was charging too much or I developed a better technique.

Let your customers know how you can provide a better, faster or cheaper service than those that are around you. “Chance is not a business strategy,” says Rick Brewer; “taking the time to establish your way of doing things make your different from your competitors. Don’t run from that, embrace it!”

Build your Marketing of the Differences, not the Similarities.

Telling your Riverside, CA area customers that most carpet cleaning companies use the same machines with the same chemicals with the same level of training for their personnel, is not a great market strategy. Instead, let your customers know what makes you different, cheaper, faster… better than your competition. Is there a product that you offer that they don’t? Is there a technique that you specialize in that they don’t? Basically build your marketing plan off of what makes you different or better, not what makes you the same.

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