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Retractable banners for your Riverside, CA. business is a great way to get your message out in a budget friendly way. Whether used in front of your store, at a display table, on the showroom floor or at a tradeshow these versatile retractable banners are perfect to give your business that dynamic representation that sets you apart from your competition. Precision Sign and Graphics is known to be your one stop shop for quality vehicle and fleet wraps plus interior and exterior signs; but did you also know that we specialize in retractable banners? Check out this useful information about retractable banners.

Retractable Banner vs. Regular Outdoor Banner.

So you might ask what’s the big deal about a retractable banner vs. just getting a regular outdoor banner? In short; it’s all about the presentation. With outdoor banners, you should always be cautious about how much text and graphics are utilized as the outdoor banner needs to be easily seen at a distance, such as alongside the road or displayed above your business. With a retractable banner however, you can be far more expressive because they are designed to be seen at close distance. This lends itself to creativity and presentation to really get that wow factor across; because you are not restricted to the banner needing to be legible at a distance. Whether you have your retractable banner in the front of your store, next to a display table, on the showroom floor or at a tradeshow, they will generally be viewed less than a few feet away vs. an outdoor banner at 30 to 50 feet away.

Quality Materials are a Must

When choosing a retractable banner for use in front of your store, advertising specials inside your store, next to a display table, on the showroom floor or at a tradeshow chances are that they will be moved around several times. Especially in a tradeshow environment where the booth and retractable banner are frequently moved from place to place; durability is a must. Choosing a retractable banner stand as well as the material used for the banner is an important decision to make sure you get the best return on your investment. If you are needing to continually replace the unit because you chose inexpensive materials, chances are it’ll cost you way more in the long run than simply choosing quality materials on the first go around.

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What should I put on my retractable banner?

Anything! The great thing about a retractable banner is they are meant to be viewed at a close distance. This means you can go a little more expressive with the graphics and message to really get your point across. Consider retractable banners that you will get a greater return on investment; for example, instead of having a banner say: Sale on May 13th.. Maybe say instead: One Day Sale – Today Only! This way you can reuse the banner the next time you have a one day sale rather than having a new and printed with the new date.

You should also consider the environment that the banner is being used in. If you’re in a mall or convention center that has a lot of vibrant colors around you want to make sure that the graphics used for your banner doesn’t fit in, but rather stands out.

When Experience Counts

Precision Sign and Graphics serves the Riverside, CA. area with a full range of graphics and sign products to fit your budget. Whether you need a retractable banner, outdoor banner, yard sign, vehicle magnet, partial vehicle wrap, full vehicle wrap, full vehicle fleet wrap… We can handle it all! Our in-house graphics team has the experience to provide you with attention grabbing graphics with the understanding of the environment it should be used in, to get you the best return on investment. Be sure to check with our consultation staff for the best options for your Riverside, CA. sign and advertising needs.

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