Customer Spotlight: Custom Printed Wallpaper for John F Kennedy Middle College High School in Norco CA

Well designed and placed mural wallpaper can provide a great first impression. Printed wallpaper can set the mood or tone of the conversation, make someone feel at ease or even confident that they’re in the right place. Custom Printed Wallpaper can help in this effort. Custom printed wallpaper can be designed, printed and installed by Precision Sign and Graphics serving Riverside, CA. on commercial grade vinyl making a durable and long-lasting statement for your business or organization.

Recently John F Kennedy Middle College High School in Norco CA chose to utilize custom printed wallpaper, but not to get the attention of a customer; but rather to provide an inspirational message to the students and visitors to their school.

Let’s look at some of the steps that brought about this affordable custom vinyl wallpaper project.

Setting and Example

When John F Kennedy Middle College High School in Norco CA was looking for a way to send a positive message to students and parents they considered a variety of things, cost being one of them. The “real estate” that was available was a large open wall that might hold some pictures or better yet a custom printed wallpaper that really sets the tone of a conversation.

The printed wallpaper Process

Step One: The Printed Wallpaper Design

When putting together a printed wallpaper design we look at many different factors such as: placement of the mural, the lighting in the room, foot traffic (durability), is it just an image or an image with a message. By providing examples to the John F Kennedy Middle College High School representative, we were able to identify the images, message, graphics, colors and sizing needed to create the printed wallpaper to John F Kennedy Middle College High School specifications.

Another consideration for a print job of this size is the use of high resolution, licensed images. You can’t take a small image, downloaded from Google and print it on a wall without it being distorted. PLUS a professional, reputable sign company will always use quality, high resolution images that have been properly licensed for commercial use.

Naturally the final printed wallpaper design was approved by John F Kennedy Middle College High School prior to material selection and installation. They were also able to see a full color rendering of what the finished product was to look like before the installation began.

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Step Two: Custom Printed Wallpaper Materials Selection

The custom printed wallpaper used by Precision Sign and Graphics serving Riverside, CA. is made from a thick, commercial grade 5 yr. 3M vinyl, laminated with 3M 8520 matte laminate that utilizes cured ink. This helps ensure the durability of the material, even in high-traffic and sunlight conditions.

Step 3: Custom Printed Wallpaper Installation

As part of the process for a Custom Printed Wallpaper installation, the installation crew will receive a design template (printout). Materials are preprinted on our HP3 Latex 360 large-format printer, cut, labeled (numbered) in the sequence of installation. When dealing with a large area for the printed wallpaper, this is where our installation crew really shines.

Many walls have seems, doors, thermostat controls, light switches and other protrusions that will need to be professionally handled in order for the final product to look perfect. This install included a measurement for the water fountain as well as working with trim on the angled wall.

Overall the John F Kennedy Middle College High School in Norco was very satisfied featuring the printed wallpaper and the positive message it brings to the students, faculty and parents.

When Local Experience Counts

Precision Sign and Graphics is a locally owned and operated sign company that utilizes the latest technology, top industry graphic design talent and state-of-the-art equipment and materials to produce our the very best product available in the Riverside, CA. area (or anywhere else for that matter). We seek to build long-term relationships with our customers by treating every customer with respect, understanding the diversity of opinions and a partnering mindset desiring to see your business succeed. Call to let us quote your custom printed wallpaper today!

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