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Series: Using coupons, offers and specials properly - Part 2

One of the challenges that Riverside, CA area businesses face is converting a shopper into a sale. When you further explore the fact that there is so much competition for the same product or service, getting that shopper to commit to the sale becomes even more challenging. One of the more proven concepts for conversion is the call to action. In the last article we looked at the need of having your call to action with an expiration as part of the three basic parts of an effective call to action. This article we will look at the second successful criteria: being competitive.

Series: Using coupons, offers and specials properly

One of the challenges that Riverside, CA area businesses face is converting a shopper into a sale. When you further explore the fact that there is so much competition for the same product or service, getting that shopper to commit to the sale becomes even more challenging. One of the more proven concepts for conversion is the call to action. Over the next few articles we will explore what the call to action is and how to best utilize it for your Riverside, area business.

5 Things Every New Business in Riverside CA Should Have

At Precision Sign and Graphics serving the Riverside, CA. area; we have been in the business arena long enough to see businesses come and go. Many businesses we were sad to see go because they had a great service at a reasonable price, but lacked the business structure needed to sustain. With that in mind here are a few things we see that are a must for every small business to get started:

Is google banning work from home businesses?

When owning a small business in the Riverside, CA. area, overhead is a large part of a company’s potential growth variables. A recent trend in the Riverside, CA. area is to save money by working from a home based establishment. This may be because you don’t have a need for a customer to visit you or you might even have a building in the backyard that will sufficiently house your manufacturing; either way, more and more people are working in a home-based business environment.

Disney Floor Graphic

Every once in a while you get that project that seems to wrap up everything that you hope for as a business owner. When we were chosen by Disneyland to design, create and install a custom 9’ floor graphic for their maintenance offices, it seemed to hit home (and a home run). This is a company that’s been known for producing stunning art with high-end materials for decades… and they’re asking us to design, create and install something for them? That’s humbling.

Retractable Banners – Close-up and Personal

Retractable banners for your Riverside, CA. business is a great way to get your message out in a budget friendly way. Whether used in front of your store, at a display table, on the showroom floor or at a tradeshow these versatile retractable banners are perfect to give your business that dynamic representation that sets you apart from your competition. Precision Sign and Graphics is known to be your one stop shop for quality vehicle and fleet wraps plus interior and exterior signs; but did you also know that we specialize in retractable banners? Check out this useful information about retractable banners.

Why does the phonebook have so many businesses starting with the letter A

Have you ever looked in the Riverside, CA. area phonebook for a plumber and noted that there were so many businesses that started with the letter “A”? A & A plumbing, A1 Plumbing, AA Plumbing , A AAA Plumbing, A Better Plumber, ACME Plumbing… The answer is a direct reflection of how businesses have had to react to popular methods of marketing that were available at that time. In this article were going to look at how these types of marketing trends have affected business owners in the Riverside, CA. area and how even now marketing trends are changing that can significantly affect the future of marketing.

Don’t Get Stuck on Vehicle Magnets

One of the common mistakes that we often see here at Precision Sign and Graphics Signs in Riverside, CA.. is when someone creates a vehicle magnet that has their entire life story on it. While one might think putting more words on a single magnet is a good way to save money, it actually costs you money! If your vehicle magnet that so cluttered with text or images that it’s not easily seen… What good is it? In this useful article from Precision Sign and Graphics Signs in Riverside, CA.. we will look at some simple tips to make your vehicle magnet stand out!

Understanding Consumer Trends

Customers want specialists - advertising materials in Fontana, Rancho, Jurupa, Riverside and EastvaleAn area that is in continual flux is the buying habits and consumer trends that many industry’s experience throughout an extended period of time. Businesses that have been operating for more than 20 years typically have seen a major shift in consumer buying patterns 4-6 times (varying based upon retail or wholesale exposure) that has caused them to rethink or reorganize their business model. It is important to identify these trends for your particular market in order to make sure that you are getting your message out appropriately to your customers in the Riverside, CA. area.

Get a better understanding of how a Facebook business page functions

Facebook can be a tremendous asset to your business - Vehicle Wraps in Fontana, Rancho, Jurupa, Riverside and EastvalePart of getting better visibility for your business in Riverside CA. is the proper utilization of available tools in the social media marketing industry. One of the more confusing is understanding how a Facebook business page functions. Made up of a complicated set of algorithms, this type of marketing must be utilized within the guidelines that Facebook has laid out in order to see the response that you’re looking for. In this article for Precision Sign and Graphics’ staff writer and small business consultant, Rick Brewer, covers some basic understanding on Facebook business page functions and tips on better utilization to help get the message about your Riverside, CA. business out.

Should I utilize social media for my business?

So you went to the big corporate marketing seminar in Las Vegas and heard the motivational speaker tell you in social media was the golden path to success. You rushed home to Riverside, CA. and created a Facebook account and waited for the money to roll in… and waited… and waited… and waited. You know you heard him right… even drew big circle around it in your notepad… So why is it working?

Marketing research on Signs

How customers view your business in Riverside, CA. is not just by a nice logo or a catchy marketing phrase… but rather a complete experience that effects whether customers will remember and choose to do business with you. This full experience should motivate everything you do; from signage to get them in the door to customer service that leaves them with an experience they will tell others. Precision Signs and Graphics not only desires to present this image to its own customers but, help you provide this same experience for your customers as well.

It’s time to freshen up your vehicle fleet wraps!

If you’ve had your vehicle fleet wrapped in the Riverside, CA. area you know the great benefits of having your fleet wrapped. With eye catching graphics branded to your business fleet graphics allows you to get your message out to the Riverside, CA. community just by driving around! However, if your vehicle fleet wraps have been on for more than five years sun fading and damage might actually be costing you business! Precision sign and graphics serving the Riverside, CA. area can provide you with cost-effective solutions for updating your vehicle fleet wrap.

Do-it-yourself Vehicle Wrap

So… you were thumbing through Amazon the other day and found that several online companies offer vinyl vehicle wrap materials; so you begin to think: “I can just wrap the car myself… Why should I spend money to have a professional vinyl wrap installer put on a vehicle wrap!?!” Before you pull out your credit card, maybe you should get some info from the professionals at Precision Sign and Graphics serving the Riverside, CA. area.

The Facts about Frequency

Consider your own buying habits; have you ever immediately bought a product after learning about it? If you are like most people in Riverside, CA., probably not. Marketing and phycology research abounds with data that suggest that many products or services require a certain frequency of exposure to build trust in the product. This article will dig into this marketing enigma and help you to understand the facts about frequency when advertising your business.

Sometimes… Letter is better.

When making a decision on whether to have your vehicle professionally wrapped by Precision Sign and Graphics serving Riverside, CA., or just lettered with the name of your company, there are a few things to consider. In previous articles, we have covered many of the advantages of vehicle wraps; this article will reflect more on what is available for budget minded customers that are looking for a great way to get their message out on their company, corporate or fleet vehicles… while still being easy on the wallet.

OOPS! 5 Signs Business Owners Forget To Print… But Need To Have

When business owners in the Riverside, CA. area are putting together their store, showroom or general business location there are standard things that are a must for the business to operate smoothly. You are going to need desks, chairs, phones, pens… When you’re thinking about signage, there are several different ways to get your message out to the Riverside, CA. community… The big ones are easy: outdoor sign, banners and vehicle wraps; but don’t forget about these following five signs that business owners often forget to have printed, but should have.

The Psychology of Colors

Advertising over the last 100 years has developed literally into an art form. An art form that takes into account effective slogans, persuasive statements and color manipulation. You only need to look to some of the larger companies seen in the Riverside, CA. area to see this art form and practice. One area that is very effective but often overlooked by small businesses is the psychology of colors. Colors have the ability to cause the mind to think and view products, services and conditions differently. In some cases creating a spontaneous action as a results of the color that is seen. In this article we are going to address the psychology of colors and how it relates to advertising for your small business in Riverside, CA.

Should I invest in the Yellow Pages?

There was a time when we used devices called telephones, sent documents with something called a fax, listened to music on things called cassettes and looked up businesses in something called a phone book. Big hair and big ads was the name of the game and anybody who was anybody was listed in the Yellow Pages. But in this modern day of instantaneous information, do people still let their fingers do the walking in the Yellow Pages? In this article we will look at the viability of a yellow page listing for your local Riverside, CA. business.

Choosing the Right Font

Choosing the right font for your logo, slogan, sign, banner or print media in Riverside, CA. is an important decision; one that many rush through without taking into consideration the impact of their choice. Precision Sign and Graphics knows that in this mobile minded generation, people are moving around faster and needing to absorb information at a glance; it is important that you present your message in a way that is eye-catching as well as easily legible (readable).

Floor your Customers with our Vinyl Floor Decals - Riverside CA.

Branding is simply part of a successful business, from business cards to billboards putting your message out in creative, thought provoking manner is what makes you a household name. By utilizing the square footage around in and around your business help save you dollars on the bottom line. Window graphics, wall material graphics, overhang signage, sandwich boards and vehicle wraps are all great ways to utilize the square footage that you’re already paying a lease to use… Why not make it more effective? One area of advertising that is often overlooked is the square footage on the floor of your business. Vinyl floor graphics are a great resource to help promote products and services. With a full color, attention grabbing design from Precision Sign and Graphics serving Riverside, CA. and surrounding areas you can liven up your floor space and help your business tiptoe its way to success.

Price Comparison: Magazine Ad or Other Printed Ad vs. Vehicle Wrap

Sometimes we get a phone call from a customer that asks the price for vehicle wrap for their business in Riverside, CA. and when they hear it… the line goes silent. However, when given the opportunity to give them a comparison of a quality vehicle wrap performed by Precision Sign and Graphics to other forms of advertising the value of a vehicle wrap becomes quite clear.

Does my business in Riverside, CA. really need a website?

There are many things that have become industry standards when having a business in the Riverside, CA. area over the years: a good business card, a good location, reviews, social media presence… All of these are good but a website is the one thing that brings all of these other advertising venues together. In this digital economy that we live in having a website is probably the most important asset to your business, it lends for credibility as well as a first impression that will provide customers the information that they need to do business with you. Precision Sign and Graphics in Riverside, CA. can help you create or update your website presence in this ever changing digital marketplace.

First impressions – The Business Card

The first impression of your company, business or even hobby should reflect only a sample of what is to come; which brings us to the business card. Apart from a handshake the business card is the next step in presenting your business and what it represents...

Best Practices for Political Yard Signs and Banners

Getting your political message out loud and clear is very important to winning an election... but how you get your message out is just as important. Check out these helpful tips on best practices for political yard signs and banners.

Location, location, location

Choosing a proper location for your business is key. Take a few moments and review these tips for choosing a good location in Riverside, CA.

Creating the big picture for marketing products in Riverside CA.

Looking at the big picture when making marketing choices for banners, signs and vehicle wraps is very important. check out this useful article to see how making these choices early in the process can save you time and money!

The Importance of Branding - Part Three: The Colors

In this part 3 of articles dealing with proper branding ideas we provide a better understanding on colors.

The Importance of Branding - Part Two: The Slogan

In this part 2 of a three part article on branding we see the importance of the slogan and some useful information.

The Importance of Branding - Part one: The Logo

Make sure your message is seen loud and clear. Check out this 1st of 3 articles written to provide a better understanding on the importance of branding.